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Twisted Rope Restraint Lanyard

Product Code : HE-5208-TRL

G.S.T: 18%

₹ :870   ₹ :670

TWISTED ROPE RESTRAINT LANYARD With one side carabiner and other side scaffold hook.
The Twisted rope Lanyards are available in lengths 1.Om, 1.5m, 1.8m, and 2.0m.
The Lanyards in this section are made up of 12mm dia polymide twisted rope.
The spliced end is protected with a strong transparent protective covering sleeve, 
which not only protects the splicing, but also makes the splicing visible for easy inspection prior to use.
The loops at the end are protected by an abrasion resistant thimble, which prevents the rope from being 
damaged by the metallic contact of the connector.
The rope also has a coloured tracer strand (age indicator) which loses its colour in due course of time,to 
show that the Lanyard is now unfit for further use.
Variety of hooks and connectors are available for connection on both anchorage and termination end.
Lanyard certified as per EN 354:2010.
Minimum Breaking Strength of 23 kN.
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