Flowers in Chania

When we begin...

In 2012, we began our journey as Thermo Engineers to offer services to class A industries. In the initial phase, we introduce ourselves as a Thermal Insulation Company then we start to offer scaffolding services. Being an industrial player in the service sector we realize safety is a major part of the industrial sector, and it always comes on a priority. Since 2012 we are providing industrial services, and safety is always a major concern.


Till 2019, we have completed so many projects with the help of a great team of more than 600 people. During this journey, quality safety products are always in demand of our workers. We did our best and tried to fulfill worker's demands and some of the worker's were satisfied, but the majority did not. Finally, we started to  communicate directly with them and try to sort out their problems.


During communication, we are aware of the problems like weight, toughness, ergonomics and inflexibility of safety products. Also, they are introducing some problems related to comfort & flexibility during works. 2019 Covid pandemic gives us time to think about safety. Consequently, we decided to manufacture safety products ourselves for our workers, and in 2019, we started a Sister concern company Namely Hottex Engineers Private Limited for industrial safety products.


From 2019 to 2020 our focus was on Research & Development for Industrial PPE's. Finally, from 2020 we start to receive satisfactory positive responses from our workers and users. And in 2021, we introduced our products to the safety market.


Our motive is to offer satisfactory & quality products to our customers. We believe in a strong commitment to saving lives.