What About Safety?

What About Safety?

In the workplace, it is that one critical moment where that mistake can
cost you your life.
A safety attitude isn’t just reserved for the workplace. It’s much
easier to embrace safety as a lifestyle where it is a priority no matter
what environment you’re in.

Safety rules –
1. Personal protective equipments are must. The last line of defense.
2. Keep the area clean.
3. Follow Lockout Tag out system for hazard energy control. (Electrical
power, high-pressure temperature system, hydraulic & pneumatic systems,
4. Work after proper authorization. Don’t change the plant/ equipment
conditions without the proper authorization of the custodian.
5. Safe handling of high-pressure gases. Rough handling of filled
cylinders can damage the cylinder valves.
6. Inflammable gases and fuels and petroleum products/mixes have to be
kept away from ignition sources.
7. Always use the right and tested tool. Tools should be used within
their rated capacity.
8. Confined space entry should be after required tests and authorization
from the competent authority. (Every work permit system has to identify
and develop competencies among for issue of authorization to work)
9. Use of height barriers along vehicle path, depending on the height of
the obstruction.
10. Never work on live equipment.
11. Ensure normalization of the equipment and the work area before the
work is declared as “completed”.
12. Hazardous substances have to be labeled and to be stored with
restricted access.
13. Communicate the hazards to all depending on the seriousness.
14. Conduct a risk assessment before the start of the job.
15. Ensure sufficient luminosity around the work area.
16. Stop the work, if serious, to rectify.
17. Follow the danger signs and warnings.
18. Avoid No Entry or Restricted entry areas.
19. Do not modify the plant without proper review and authorization.
20. Conduct periodic health checks of electrical tools.

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