Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Talent is a noun meaning ” Natural Aptitude or Skill” and the same every Organization seeks in the pool of candidates.  Now a day it is on the boom as a Tag-Line called “Talent Acquisition” and many organizations have been hiring a particular person who can hire the specific talent based upon the requirements of the organization.

Employees and employers have different talents which hardly meets at one junction and the destination far apart now a day and to fill the gap in this many training sessions are organized and some of them get successful and some of them not.  But why? Let us do the analysis of this problem. Every training session has become a formality to some organizations which results poor performance consistency after spending so much amount and time on it because after every training a minute and technical analysis is required in-order to understand the effectiveness of the training but unfortunately it does not happen because it wrapped into either the piece of paper or in hard disk of laptop.

Every organization have certain expectation from employee and so is with employees but at the time of hiring candidate’s actual talent is mostly hidden and the artificial talent is shown on the piece of paper and that becomes the problem because as described earlier that Talent means Natural Aptitude which now a days is hard to find and many management colleges have been preparing Artificial Talent and as a result lower selection and poor performance into the organization and rapid job changes in some months.

While hiring an employee sometimes organizations hire employer and there is a time when we as an organization makes a blunder mistake, well nobody makes mistakes knowingly but yes sometimes it happens.

One basic things all industries need to understand that now a days human being has been trying to acquire artificial talent as I discussed which is far away from what actually he/she is from within which results in satisfactory results and poor performance of an organization as a whole.  So to prevent these type of results contractual job process have started. Talen acquisition is easy for many companies but transformation of an employee to an asset is a tough challenge and too many companies do not trained employees with this fear that they will learn and go somewhere else and even if they do they are not able to manage the sustainable growth.

So the question comes how to hire an employee not the best employee because best will try to conquer and employee will try to become the best so the ladder shall be one but  the density of race shall be different. Hiring process has become tough due to all these problems but still organizations have been facing attrition heavily. One of the ways could be that hire a person for a week and give all freedom what as an employee he expects and also ask certain questions based on his/her freedom in other ways round and magic moment would be in front of you.

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