Res-killing or Reskilling

Res-killing or Reskilling

Let us have a deep insight look on some survey to understand the clear situation. As per the latest news by Nissan motors it is going to fire more than 1,700 employees in order to improve the efficiency. Not enough well lets have look some more facts. The Economic Times article says that within 2019-23 Sectors like BPO/BSFI & E-commerce could see a downfall of 37% and other industries like KPO, Agriculture, Auto Sector, Media & Entertainment, IT, Marketing & Advertising, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Telecom industries have already been facing the same situation.

Enough insights but how long? if this continues our economic condition may get worsen than ever! Alas! and corporate sectors have been trying to improve the situation by providing multiple good options to employees but still Attrition rates have been improving like mushroom because of the inefficiency in Leadership skills. Unfortunately hardly people get ready to take the charge because it comes with a lot of responsibility and hard-times at most and as per a notion” What is going to get changed if I take it and who care I am just an employee here and if something goes wrong I would have other options and even still I have so who care?” around 50% are baby boomers and on rest from both the end trust factor is heavily missing. As per around 80 % organization across the globe have been facing the shortage of effective leaders and their leadership ways a survey done by talent assessment firm Mercer|Mettl and apart from baby boomer rest switch job frequently and 49 % organizations have started re skills their leaders and their leadership style and unfortunately around 42 % lack the sustainability of leadership and most of them leave once they learn tricks and techniques and start bargaining from companies to enhance their either designation or salary.

Let us understand a very primary reason apart from all bookish definitions, a core human factor. A job, needs scarifies, patience, a person who is emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, intellectually stable and strong but unfortunately a lot of recruitment are only done on the basis of physical and mental performance neither on stability and while recruitment are done rest parts are only the portion of documentation and formality and ignorance. The dramatic transformation of a human being into machine and a person who works like a machine when he/she joins organization where human works become emotionally unstable and results are awful. Web cam are available only to watch an employees physical and skills moment but hardly capture emotions. We need to understand the when the balance of an employee from withing gets disturb, he/she decides to resign or revolt and sorry but many recruitment are done as a formality with this hope let him come will trained and nurture further but results are in-front of us in daily news.

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