Employee Omg!

Employee Omg!

Corporate sector is a versatile and magical place where uncertainty is always a certain behavior without any prediction. Unlimited opportunities come and go and many employees are not capable of analyzing and grabbing when the time comes?

Unfortunately this has become a trend in many working professionals that patience level is getting down and fast-moving growth has become a passion which goes without saying from office boy to the top-notch senior management. Many organizations have now become very careful while hiring or firing either fresher or experienced. But what are those reasons which give trouble and stress to many organizations at global level, let us find it out.

Work is worship only then, when there is a mutual trust from both the end which leads to beneficiary solutions but unfortunately this has been degrading every now and then from both the end due to fast moving changes of behavioral pattern in employee and employer, it may start from either of the side which ultimately leads to loss. Reason is there are types of employees:

One who only create problems: Second who do not care what is going on: Third who try to find out the solution for every problem. This is a wide spreading patter and companies have been trying hard to find third type of employees and trained them. Many organizations spent most of their budget into training and development to trained first and second type of employees and consider that third type of employee are capable enough to handle the situation, which most of the times prove a wrong decision either. Those who can not be trained so can not be trained and this sometimes gives a demotivating confidence to many organization which leads to low productivity crisis.

So destructive behavior patter generates a ripple of the same pattern and spreads so the solution is that these type of employees need different type of counseling not training because training is of no use for most of them. Now, those who do not care whatever is going on needs to be trained by giving them training along with counseling and third type of people needs to be given bit of counseling touch to furnish them more.

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