Covid-19 a Pandemic Situation: Learning & Development

Covid-19 undoubtedly caused uncountable miseries & suffering around the world and still every now and then we have been witnessing.  Nevertheless, any country imagined such casualties. More than 1 Lack of cases have been registered in India and around the world. It is scary.  What else could have been done except the Lockdown decision? Perhaps the only way to stop spreading fastly.  We salute our covid-19 warriors who have been fighting for our life in the battle field and have not been meeting with their dear ones for days.  We owe a lot which cannot be repaid at any cost forever.  We thank every citizen who has supported to make this mission successful.

Alas! The world has been suffering with Pandemic disease and now we have to learn how to live with Covid-19 till the time the world is blessed with effective Vaccine for Covid-19.  In India more than 50 days of Lockdown has sharply slowed down the economic growth and many businesses have been affected with the impact of Infection. Businesses around the world have been struggling badly, some of them have either been shut down and some of them nearby and some of them have been overcome from the crisis.

How to fight with Covid-19? This question often comes up in our day to day life now but unfortunately we still have been wondering for a specific answer then how and what to do? We have learnt a number of valuable lessons that should be applied and make our habit.  Hottex Engineers have always been passionate in-order to learn and apply therefore we have found some specific outcomes which need to be shared.

Health Over Wealth

Cut throat competition and winning habits had made human beings a machine and emotional imbalancement could have easily been observed and as a result Wealth over health was the primary agenda.  Covid-19 changed our life over-night when the first lockdown was announced for 21 days.  Since then we have been learning how to focus on health.  We as an Organization pay specific attention to our employees health and wealth and strive very hard to make them able to work hard.  WHO has shared guideline and we must follow in order to get proper result

Value of Life

Life is precious but becomes worth it when you save someone else’s life and you find an ultimate satisfaction.  Our corona warriors on the ground have still been fighting with viruses and other patience everyday. How important it is to save other’s lives. We have learnt and understood.  Every individual life costs more than anything and saving life cannot be compared with anything.  We advise that if you see any victim please help them as much as you can in order to save their life because every life matters a lot.

Nature’s Nature

Nature is ultimate and this has been observed and understood in the lockdown.  How nature has revived itself fantastically whether in-term of Ozone layer or dirty to clean water.  Plants and cities have been inhaling fresh air and exhaling Clean Oxygen which have impacted the weather globally.  Past experiences of nature with human beings in a few decades have not been harmonious and in-synch and as a result we all have been suffering a lot from health to wealth.  Now the time has come to give back to what we have taken in an unlimited way in order to create harmony with nature for a prolonged period.  Nature has a lot to offer still but with many terms and conditions which we need to accept and follow anyhow.

How to survive

Earlier more than enough resources were not enough to run life and everywhere wastage was the headline, but now people have been learning life does not need much to survive but just a little amount of resource just like Atom bomb which requires a small nuclear reaction and no wastage. Money which many people used to spend like water now must have understood how to survive even in 1000 for 10 to 15 days. Survival has always been the big Q for individuals be it in business or personal and many things we have taken for granted but now the time has come to limit our unlimited desires and make it fulfill with certain parameters.

Family Need

Whole world went into lockdown with or without family and many of us have understood the importance of family.  Many of them have been settled with family and now will be able to balance personal and professional life. Perfect balance is bizarre and exceptional nowadays and needs to be acquired by following certain rules and regulations under strict supervision. Volatile relationships with less quality mostly see some unusual ups and downs and become hard to manage.  Giving sometimes to family creates harmony in a professional career and makes you fit to learn and earn under tough circumstances.

New Way of Doing Business

Business is the backbone of every economy and must be given a strong vision and mission to run. Earlier business strategies now have been taking a different shape and understanding to run in safe and save mode. Life and business shall go hand to hand to speedup the economy.  Profit must be the out-come of any business no doubt but not at the cost of any life and we strongly believe in this philosophy at Hottex.  In this tough time we must stand together to learn a new way of life and give a ray of hope to others.  We believe that the economy shall revive itself very soon and every individual shall have a smile again.

Life Style or Learn Style

Lifestyle impact has been taking a new shape into the mind of customers, consumers or so on.  People since have learned to live with minimum resources now accepting required only things and saving for the future.  Life’s lifestyle pattern is in reverse gear and compels us to rethink our earlier pattern of life.  Most of us now have started changing our pattern of living life and that somehow is good because change is the only thing that is constant either for nature or for us. We believe that the coming generation and life shall be in a positive way and will be accepted as it is for a prolonged period and must be welcomed once we overcome from Pandemic condition.

Quality is Everything

Since volume living style is easy rather than quality living style.  Quality takes an ample amount of time to spread into the market.  Now quality is the king and from personal to professional life everywhere people have learnt it.  We believe in Quality output, therefore always work hard to make peoples’ life good for those who are associated with us and those who are not associated with us by providing them help through our Hottex Society.

A New world

We have been witness to a new world where living patterns shall be different with the same people.  A new way of dealing with the same thing and approach.  A world with a lot of opportunity. We must be hopeful because the human body does only know one thing and that is the art of learning whether you want or not.  Body knows how, what, when, where to learn.  We have entered into a new world of different experience with either same people or with different Multiple opportunities yet to come in our way and we must be clear and acceptable enough.  Though the change and acceptance shall not be an easy road to walk due to a lot of hurdles. We need to understand the basics of living life in-order to live and let live.  Life shall not be the same as we live till mid of the march around the world. Same people shall be with different mindset and approach.  We need to understand how to accommodate our life along with others.  Let us be united for one mission and vision that we need to learn how to live not survive.

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