Leadership?-Million Dollar Question

Leadership?-Million Dollar Question

Hiring managers have a mindful question that are they hiring and employee, manager or leader and I hope each one of us may have faced similar situations once or still have been facing. In its true sense we are not making any leaders, we are just making supervisors and managers.

Let us understand in this way. Leadership does not come from your aspirations. Aspiration is repercussion of your desires which is never going to get end. Leadership is the process which works in the favor of nation and people and takes and shows that way which people have never imagined and if people could have imagined all this you presence would have never been felt important. But how a leader can take people like this? he/she should have that much of insight which other people can not even think.

Different people want to do many things but they do not want to work on themselves and if you think that you have been doing one of the most important task then working on yourself is one of the most important task means increasing the power of your intelligence and eliminating negligence. The question is not that what do you want to do now but what is so important right now? and if I do something in which I am interested only then it is all about me only and no body will be there. Do not increasing your desires rather than increase your competency and skills, because this gives you an ultimate power to face and over come from any situation. Many young leaders unfortunately fight with the situation rather than facing and moving ahead and this creates a lot of misfortune for everyone around us.

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