Knowledge Vs Awareness

Knowledge Vs Awareness

This article is based on problem the actual problem which people have been facing so when the problem is known solutions practice may begin.

Human Being has been blessed with so many qualities and virtues but unfortunately all has slowly been dying.  Organization is a wonderful universe if you really know how to live and survive wonderfully. Employees have different aspirations and inspiration behind their Jobs and that makes them fully alive but for how long nobody knows even organizations do not know and in order to keep this alive many activity sessions and training programs are conducted.

Now a days organizations prefer young and aspiring leaders to step in their premises to make it more vigilant and vibrant, but does the same happen? Answers are very confusing and there are several reasons for this even!   Many new and young employees join the organization and work for sometimes but internally are not satisfied because of many reasons and needless to tell further what happens?

Salary has become one of the major factors for aspiring to leave the organizations but

Wait a second please! Salary right? Now a days what organizations are looking for young, dynamic and sustainable yought but young people are available and dynamic as well but sustainability is the major problem because without increasing the level of Skills and Value into the market many young specially freshers have aspiring and inspiring demand of high salary.  While counselling I listen to many people and they say that freshers or less experience people have xxx amount of salary into the current market and when you actually ask how and where did you get this data or knowledge or information they have misleading answers and they would say I have heard or seen. Does this make any sense to organization or to other people absolutely not because unfortunately knowledge portion has become the center point of attraction but the awareness is very much low yes I would say low because it is not accurate so the results are not aware.  There are three problems in this process, either the person is unknown from awareness process, or directly does not want to get aware or people around him do not want him/her to become aware. So when the interviews take place interviewer finds the difference in-between awareness and knowledge or the big GAP.

During the day dreaming process many of them are not even shown or realized their true potential and construction work of their career is on peak.  According to the market Aspiration ratio is higher than Value ratio because a young and new arrival into the market you can get good salary but once you show the real one of you and your worth into the market.

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