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Covid-19 is a pandemic disease and must not be taken for granted. Healthy & strong immunity people are not strongly recommended to wear a mask every time but while going in rush or public places or come in the contact of Covid-19 patiences or taking care.

Nose or face masks are intended to use once and should not be used frequently by sanitizing for a long time.  It increases the chance of infection and may contain infection at a higher rate. We strongly recommend that rather than following any rumors, contact your doctor immediately for proper and effective use.

Covid-19 spreads when you come into the contact of any covid-19 infected person in general and do not take precaution.  Unsafe touch of any article may lead to situations from good to worst.

We strongly believe that every day consists of enormous opportunity therefore Covid-19 has come up with a lot of opportunity for business.  It is fact, due to slow or extremely slow GDP rate around the world has created unforeseen problems and unrealistic predictions.  But a close observation may give a clue of a brief understanding that the market needs trust and quality which must contain individuals safety and assurance.

An unforeseen problem has been installed into our life for long and needless to say that more or less the unemployment problem shall prevail and we all need to be ready to face it with great courage because it is now a worldwide problem.  Many of us may need to change our primary business or trade and learn a new technique to service and establish into the market.  We must understand that less-contact customer reach shall be at boom in coming months and we all need to excel into this.

Stress is an outcome of an unfavourable situation’s reaction, and sometimes stress is good for health and mental condition because it helps us to think, even dive into deep and find foreseen or unforeseen problems and their solutions.  Individuals around the globe more or less may have been dealing with multiple situations.  One of the ways is without being judgmental and extremely calculative. Let us accept some harsh facts though shall be difficult to digest but except that there is no other way out, and this may reduce the risk of some other blunders.

Covid situation has trapped us into a diplomatic problem.  No one has the clear answer! But one fact we all need to accept is that depression is not going to solve any problem but shall create kios and mess into every coming future.  Human nature is very dynamic and is adjustable into every situation sooner or later. So we would recommend having patience and not thinking for long but squeeze your unlimited desires.


This issue is world wide and is going to be for some long time may be, so sooner you accept the situation the less you feel bad.  We recommend you to cooperate with Management and from your inner voice, because panic outcome may lose your temper and may provoke you to take any wrong step for your future

Personal problem is a part of life and dealing with this is most of the times not easy, therefore, each step must be taken extremely carefully and decisions must be taken with thorough guidance and discussion because Covid is going to be with us for long and this fact world has started accepting and we rest need to accept.

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