Activity Vs Entertainment

Activity Vs Entertainment

Congratulations! here we come to another era for employee of the month award, guess who is going to win? Alas! no one, but why? we as an Organization did all what we could but still no improvement.  We did every sort of the training for employee from senior to junior level management and everybody did give a positive feed-back but don’t know what happened all of a sudden.

This is not your Organization’s miserable story but almost 80% of the Organization across the globe.  Training come with a huge investment and cost in-order to get fantastic financial out-put and this has been known to almost every employee if not them it spreads like venom.  A trend has been flourishing in almost every training of “Activity”. It is believed that people learn through Activities in the session as per the Andragogy, adults learn by experiencing the practical problem.  Hence, activities are aimed to achieve good results which can be shown to get claim of training.

It has been noticed that Activity has been turned into entertainment and strees buster for many participants during the session and the ultimate objective of learning becomes failed.  Let me give you an example, in many training sessions how would you analyze your effectiveness of training on the spot, well after training if participants I am sorry spectators leave their note book/ note pad along with the pan and training rough work in note pad can be observed very easily and that gives a clear insight of training effectiveness.

Many big shot participants use it wisely but many mid-level employees can be observed with this casual behavior during or after the training. But the question comes that how can we stop this? first most important part is only those people should be involved who actually need training and development after this and this process of identification must be done in a clear and defined set of pattern though the openion of experts and observation.

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