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A company involved in servicing, maintenance.

Hottex is Empowered with Quality and Transparency orbiting to commodious achievement which is coiled with strong mission and vision progressing towards eternal dignity. Unremitted project scrutiny and endurance transmits and drives appetite of driving towards excellence. Way back in 2010 an unfertile idea comprising little attempt turned into fertile opportunity to serve Cement/Pharma/Food/Chemical/Thermal/Refinery & Textile Industry and has become legacy to serve and learn in 17 states of India and more than 20 highly prestigious clients into many cities for Industrial Thermal Insulation, Industrial Scaffolding & Industrial Safety Products & Services.

“Workaholic Spirit” & “Leaning attitude”, has also made us a strong process oriented company. this philosophy states our direction and maintains our service Excellency, thought process to work and devote our services to the nation and its ever demanding and never ending growth structure. Rigorous market research of Quality and time specific deliverance and exhaustive training process and procedure makes us competitive ahead into technical aspects. Our results have been outstanding therefore came-up with many sub-products as well

Agile & high quality and integrity expected required & self-understood yet demanded competitive Insulation/Scaffolding and Safety market, Hottex Engineers maintains and delivers commitment therefore has been Sustaining & resulting as growing and demandable priority among clients has made us proud to participate and cherish into their growth by fueling our commitment.  We are competitive solution committed and always look forward to offering quality and uncompromising solutions that are feasible to satisfy the most demanding industry needs for typical business requirements at urgent basis too. We belief that latest technological adoption with continues feedback with learning approach maintains the performance and progress and unleashes the success path which is highly appreciable.

Hottext has been fortunate enough to be guided under the Director Mr. Harendra Patel who has always been as a Mentor/Guide and Philosophers.  By profession D.Mech Engg & D. I. Safety has been a wonderful track of working with different industry for more than 18 years with wide array of Insulation/Scaffolding and Safety Industry. Heading the Corporate office in Jaipur Mr.Patel  has always been able to manage more than clients and their urgent requirement for the last 10 years at Pan India level.  With the staff of 15 internally and 350+ externally along with he has always been able to manage work efficiency and effectiveness by providing exceptional & feasible solutions as and when required.

We are highly thankful to our people who have been serving their exceptional contribution into maintaining the success of Hottex and we have been fortunate enough and have gratitude towards the people who have been serving unconditionally have made us strong internally and externally.

We are proud to have strong management guidance led by our strong team which guide us in every path.  While undertaking the responsibility each one of us work for the same mission and vision which contains one though and one goal.



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